The Tour Family

Whether it's a stadium, arena or club tour, Fiasco's diverse range of road cases and shock racks have got you covered. Each piece is designed to perfectly pack and stack with the rest.

Faster & Smarter

Fiasco road cases are an ingenious transit storage system. Each case is meticulously designed to fit perfectly with any other. Save hours on your load outs.

Built to last for years

They just don't quit. Our road cases, made with premium Penn Elcom hardware, are incredibly robust and durable. Engineered to withstand years of smash, crash n' bash.

Road Cases Designed by roadies

Before we started making road cases, we lived on the road, doing gigs day in and day out. So you know there's no rubbish here—just superior products you can trust.

Faster loading

Truck Packology

All Fiasco Road Cases pack together flawlessly like Tetris blocks: it's a whole transit storage system.

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Here's what our customers have to say:


“The outside of Fiasco Road Cases are very tetris-like and the way you can utilize the interiors is amazing. These guys came up with this concept and it’s brilliant.”

Steve Van Eynde

"Everything you want in a road case company; good communication, good prices and most importantly, open minds that are always looking for improvement!"

Tom Lynch
Tom Tom Productions

"Best company out! SO reliable, friendly and happy to help whenever! Highly recommend this company!"

Laura Todd

"Solid cases that last! Will trade again A++. Keep it up guys! Loving the new stuff!"

Joshua Duckett
Above Productions

"Fiasco cases are the absolute best! Solid cases we drag around the world, and they don't skip a beat! The guys are super responsive and get stuff out promptly. They're always there to field our weird questions! Cheers guys"

Angus Muir
Angus Muir Design