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We design and build innovative, robust road cases, shock racks and drape kits. Simple.
Our Tale:
The show must go on (in an orderly fashion).

These boys love rock n' roll—but they want it to be organised. When Matt and Joe began their careers touring, they soon discovered a problem. They found that the sophisticated equipment used to create event magic (lighting, sound and staging gear) was often transported and stored in a not-so-sophisticated way. Old cardboard boxes stacked higgledy-piggledy. Lighting gear strewn about willy-nilly. Power cords tangled up all helter-skelter. And when road cases were used they were sometimes a bit rubbish—flimsy, short-lived boxes that didn't stack together properly. So they founded Fiasco with a vision of making road cases that weren't, well, crap. Determined to put an end to inefficiency and chaos, the pair set about designing their dream road cases for better touring. The result? A range of road cases, shock racks and pushup drapes that are heavy-duty, long-lasting, space-efficient and totally kick-ass.

Our Traits:
Crazy About Road Cases.

What are we all about? This right here:

Uber-efficient system. Each case is made to exact and consistent dimensions so they fit together and stack perfectly. It's a system approach to touring.

Top-quality everything. We don't settle for second-best. Each component is hand-picked to ensure that each product is tough and reliable from top to bottom.

Unbeatable service. We'll bend over backwards for our customers. Need answers? Need customising? Need anything? You got it.

Crazy about road cases. Dunno what it is but there's something about quality road cases, stacking and fitting beautifully, that just really floats our boat. Weird, right?

A storage system as exquisitely precise as a Swiss watch.

Fiasco road cases come in wide range of different sizes but — here's the genius part — they're made to fully compatible dimensions. That means, whether stacked or side-by-side, our road cases all fit together, creating a flawless interlocking system. It's like playing Tetris. (And to think your mum said spending summer days playing 80s video games was a waste of time. Pfft!)

It ain't easy being a road case. All that pushing and shoving, stacking and packing. That's why we've engineered ours to the highest industry standards. We use crème de la crème zinc-plated Penn Elcom hardware and maintain that superior standard throughout the design, including lightweight resin-impregnated ply and durable foam lining. So go ahead; do your worst. You won't hurt 'em. They just keep going...and going...and going…

Exceptional construction, inside and out.

Fiasco SLAM Racks pack some serious swagger. These racks aren't just good; they're the top dogs in the game. Born from extensive tours, research, and rigorous ride-or-die road testing, they've worked hard to earn their stripes.

Featuring dedicated cable space for optimal airflow and the ability to leave your gear plugged during transit, these racks truly make touring a breeze.

Each Fiasco SLAM Rack features a Penn R8800 Anti-Vibration Shock Rack, which offers unbeatable impact protection and cushioning for your equipment.

The secure SLAM door on hinged sliding rails stows neatly inside the rack and allows easy access to your gear. Lid-related headaches not included.

Our team:

We get touring.

Customer Project Manager:
Audrey Trujillo

Audrey loves playing golf in her spare time, which is probably why she’s such a sharpshooter when it comes to helping you score the best deal. With a background in Technical Sales, Project Management, Sales Admin, and Operations, there’s nothing you can’t swing at her - seriously though, she’s even owned her own meal prep company! Her passion for her role stems from her love of attending concerts and events, but mostly, it’s the satisfaction that comes from supporting those behind the scenes - the ones who bring these events to life. Beyond the stage, she can be spotted in her latest sneakers, camping, spending time with family, and exploring the great outdoors. Audrey is based in our Los Angeles office.

Customer Project Manager:
Rudy Flores

With a remarkable 20-year symphony of experience in Sales and Customer Service, Rudy has graced the stages of both manufacturing, including working with Pelican Products, and the fast-paced pharmaceutical industry. His favorite encore? Guiding independent business owners on their journey to growth. In his role as Project Manager, he's a master conductor, ensuring that each project strikes the perfect chord—every single time. Be it orchestrating timelines, collaborating with clients to define their unique needs, or harmonizing with the project team to bring every customer's vision to life. Off-stage, his life revolves around creating cherished moments with his family, spreading good vibes, tuning into his community, and playing in his local church's band. Rudy is based in our Los Angeles office.

Customer Project Manager:
Robert Lara

Robert can tell you he is a geek in five languages, including Portuguese, Mandarin, and Tagalog. It would be six if he counted Mayan, but Robert says he only speaks that 'a bit'. With a double major in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from CSLUB, Robert has been in the Manufacturing of high-tech equipment and the telecommunications industries for over twenty years. When he’s not geeking out on cultures of the world, high-tech equipment, or history Robert loves hanging out with his daughter either hiking or at his old MMA gym.

Customer Project Manager:
Leslie Morales

Problem solving and the pursuit of creative solutions. That’s what has kept Leslie in the live events industry for more than 15 years. Her love for music and working in a team that shares her passion for the industry that creates unforgettable memories, will no doubt ensure she stays for the next 15 years. Leslie is a self confessed ‘weirdo’ who will say the most random things to break an awkward silence - there’s that problem solving we know and love. And when she’s not at a music event or home with Jet - her ‘very cool’, fluffy, black cat, she’s probably out exploring a local food spot, canyon, or deep below the surface of the ocean, scuba diving with nurse sharks.

Customer Project Manager:
Warren Long

What do the Seattle Sea Hawks, the bassoon and a Masters degree in Leadership have in common? Answer: Warren Long.  
Originally from the Bay Area in CA, Warren played running back for North Western University and went on to play linebacker for the Seattle Seahawks. After graduating from NWU with two degrees, a Masters in Leadership for Creative Enterprises and a degree in Communications and Media Studies, Warren chased his passion for music writing and producing his own flavor of new Black Music, and lighting up stages across the country. Warren explains that there’s nothing that energizes him more than being able to contribute to the success of live events and shows. When he’s not supporting the defensive linemen of the live events industry you’ll find Warren either working out or, you guessed it: playing the bassoon.

Owner / Head of Sales & Marketing
Joe Bradford:

If there's a problem, Joe will find a solution. That's just the kind of guy he is. Maybe it's having been exposed to so many other cultures; since childhood, he's lived in five countries across Asia, North America and the Pacific. Maybe it's his experience with large events; he's been managing music, corporate and church events since 2007. Maybe it's his business education; he has a couple of degrees including a Masters in Global Studies from Columbia International University (South Carolina, USA). Or maybe it's just in his DNA, born with a knack for logistics and coordinating resources. But whatever the reason, one thing's for sure: when faced with a challenge, Joe knows how to get the job done.

Owner / Head of Design:
Matt Waterhouse

Quality, accuracy, rigour—these are a few of Matt's favourite things. Oh, and did we mention rock n' roll? Having trained in electrical engineering and robotics for manufacturing, Matt took his technical expertise to the stage, working with the acts such as Dave Dobbyn, Brooke Fraser and Rapture Ruckus in tours throughout New Zealand and the USA. Then he ran off and joined the circus—Cirque du Soleil, to be exact—working for 4 years in the automation department on the Cirque show Zaiain Macau. Described by one client as "the guy with the German precision", Matt now channels his obsession with quality into designing legendary road cases and drapes. Before a product gets to you, it has to get past Matt first.

Senior Designer:
Daniel Joblin

Dan's impeccable design finesse and driven work ethic is the result of several years of hands-on manufacturing experience, first crafting products from plywood and aluminium in New Zealand and China, and later overseeing various teams, machines and manufacturing facilities. Today, Fiasco's commitment to making top-notch cases fuels his passion, and he’s on a mission to make the best cases in the world. Outside the design realm, he's an avid hydrofoil surfer and mountain biker who cherishes family time. There's also something deliciously quirky about Dan—he keeps an ever-replenishing stash of noodles at work, a nod to his love for Asian cuisine.

Product Designer:
Ryan Horrell

Meet Ryan, our Product Design ninja! With a 3rd-degree black belt in Goju Ryu Karate and a BA in Design, he's got the skills to roundhouse kick and slice through any challenge - all with the utmost precision, creativity, and discipline. Regularly attending concerts and events, he's not only in tune with what our customers need but also what our products must endure. Couple this industry insight with his passion for designs that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, and there’s no surprise as to why he’s such a champ at what he does. Oh, and did we mention he also owns a furniture and home decor business, where he designs and manufactures the products himself?!

General Manager:
Steven Parker

Before steering Fiasco's ship, Steve guided and inspired others as a youth pastor, business consultant, CliftonStrengths coach and outdoor instructor. Today, he’s a master orchestrator of efficiency, creating and managing seamless systems that aren’t just about getting the job done - they’re about making every work moment sing. Both in the office and in his spare time, climbing, navigating and conquering challenges is a way of life for Steve. He’s a pathfinder by design, one that will move mountains just to help you reach your goals and succeed. No matter how tough the terrain, if there’s a way forward, he will find it. By the way, Family is everything to Steve, so much so that they’re the driving force behind everything he does.

Production Manager:
Rob Willis

Rob’s on a mission to propel Fiasco to new heights, fuelled by 12 years of aircraft manufacturing expertise. Factory systems, lean manufacturing, and logistics—he oversees it all, ensuring we do whatever it takes to supply our customers with what they need, when they need it. His passion for teamwork, constant improvement, pushing boundaries, and efficiency in the supply chain pilot his every move, meaning the sky’s not the limit to what can be achieved, it’s infinity - and beyond! At home, you can find him treasuring his family, jamming to his old piano, head-banging to hardcore rock music, and avoiding anything that smells like egg. Legend has it he’s also a bit of a zen master in the making, which we can only assume is the magic behind his clear, calm, and collected approach to getting things done.

Finance Manager
Sarah Lawson

What you see is what you get with Sarah. Her direct approach to life reflects her love for clear-cut solutions—mirroring her passion for finely tuned financial systems. She brings over 8 years of financial expertise to the table, a journey that began in the manufacturing realm and naturally shifted towards accounting and finance management. She's our numbers dynamo, masterfully navigating financial landscapes from analysis and budgeting to tax planning and reporting. Beyond the corners of spreadsheets, Sarah values family time and enjoys baking as a hobby at home. It's her way of adding a touch of sweetness to life, just as she does with our financial endeavors.

Product Specialist:
Nick Reeves

Since 1998, Nick has specialized in lighting, illuminating stages on a worldwide scale. From London to New Zealand, theater to rock n’ roll, he’s done it all. Today, his key role is to understand the vision and technical needs of our customers, and to communicate them clearly to the design and manufacturing team. The goal? The strongest solutions to our customers’ needs possible, that work with the Fiasco packology system each time. It’s the problem-solving, tech, geekiness, and design aspects of the job that make him tick. Even in his spare time, Nick’s joy is sparked by tinkering with motorbikes, playing in his shed, and cruising around his hobbit home on his tractor—all in the name of ingenuity.

Design Engineer:
Ash Algie

Been there, done that. Toured with Cirque du Soleil? Check. Been in charge of automation there? Yep. Specialised in industrial electrical? Absolutely. Travelled the world? Ah-huh (almost everywhere except Antarctica). Ash has pretty much maxed out his bucket list, so when invited to work for Fiasco back home in New Zealand, he knew it was an offer he couldn’t refuse. He traded in his suitcases for road cases. Nowadays, you’ll find him applying his natural-born talent for all things mechanical and technical to designing killer Fiasco products with CAD or tinkering with his bike after thrashing it at one of Cambridge’s famous cycling spots. 

Creative Director
Brad Dring

With over a thousand live shows under his belt, this guy knows how to put on an event. As the frontman and creative force behind the Billboard chart-topping band Rapture Ruckus, Brad and his band toured the globe, making a name for themselves with their high-energy stage shows and mind-bending live production. Based in Nashville, TN for most of his career, Brad toured extensively across the US. Bringing his wealth of industry knowledge, in addition to his skills in creative production and direction to the team, Brad's passion for creating inspiring moments, environments and experiences makes Fiasco's brand come to life. When Brad's not creative directing for Fiasco, you'll find him surfing or skating with his boys or working on his latest art project.

So that's us. Now it's your turn.