SLAM Racks



A safe home for all your audio amplifiers, wireless transmitters & receivers, DMX and power distros, and network servers.

The gold standard
Fiasco Slam racks

With years of touring experience, R&D, and road testing going into their design, Fiasco SLAM Racks have quickly become the gold standard of touring racks.

We've strategically dedicated space for cables to pass between your equipment, to promote better airflow, which in turn prevents overheating.

Additional space between the rack's doors and the rack itself allows you to leave your plugs in place, eliminating the need to unplug your gear each time you close or transport your case.

A slam dunk
No annoying, removable lids

Say goodbye to annoying, removable lids. Fiasco Slam Racks feature a secure slam door on hinged sliding rails, that stows neatly inside the rack. This provides effortless access to your gear, without having to find additional storage space for your lids.

Ultimately, this smart design feature saves you time and effort, allowing you to put your energy into what really counts.

It's a hard knock life
Anti-Vibration Shock Rack 

Each Fiasco SLAM Rack features a Penn R8800 Anti-Vibration Shock Rack, which offers unbeatable impact protection and cushioning for your equipment.

These racks are built to handle anything the road throws at them, making them the perfect choice for touring professionals who strive to ensure that their gear is always kept safe, secure and ready for a show.


All Fiasco SLAM Racks are built by our team in Torrance, California with premium Penn Elcom hardware and are incredibly robust and durable. Engineered to withstand years of smash, crash n' bash. And as always, every case fits perfectly in the Fiasco truckpack system.

Faster Loads

We have spent ten years developing the ultimate truck pack system for American trucks. It will be copied by others, the question is will they compromise and break the system?


We keep a full range of cases on hand, but if you have time & want the best price ask us about built to order. Pay a deposit, get your cases in 12-18 weeks & save. Addiditional discounts when you order 50+ cases.

Health and Safety

Our cases are designed to help you & your team meet your own health and safety regulations. Egronomic handle placement, recessed hardware, stacking cups & auto castors are standard issue.


It's time to stop thinking about using a case for only one thing over the next ten years. We make high quality cases that you can adapt to your needs as they change. Add dividers or inserts now or in three years.

Quality you can rely on when out on tour

Penn Elcom hardware

Birch Plywood

Finished with hard wearing UV and chemical resistant phenolic inside & out.
5x2" Castors return to home. Rated to 440lb & fitted with Stainless bolts that won't rust.

Zero compromise to keep you rolling

Stacking cups that allow any other Fiasco Case to

Stack on top - even if it's not the same footprint.

Every Fiasco Case expects to do the hard yards out tour, right beside you.

We build cases with out compromise, to help you tour better.

Here's what our customers have to say:


"Fiasco cases are the absolute best! Solid cases we drag around the world, and they don't skip a beat! The guys are super responsive and get stuff out promptly. They're always there to field our weird questions! Cheers guys"

Angus Muir
Angus Muir Design

“The outside of Fiasco Road Cases are very tetris-like and the way you can utilize the interiors is amazing. These guys came up with this concept and it’s brilliant.”

Steve Van Eynde

"Everything you want in a case company; good communication, good prices and most importantly, open minds that are always looking for improvement!"

Tom Lynch
Tom Tom Productions

"Best company out! SO reliable, friendly and happy to help whenever! Highly recommend this company!"

Laura Todd

"Solid cases that last! Will trade again A++. Keep it up guys! Loving the new stuff!"

Joshua Duckett
Above Productions