CM Lodestar Motor Cases

For all your Columbus McKinnon Entertainment Hoists

A Better Case for a Classic Chain Motor

From D8s to Classics, from two-tons to quarter-tons – if you're in search of the ultimate cases for your Columbus McKinnon Chain Motors, cases that also improve your truck packs, you've come to the right place.

Designed by Roadies
The world's smartest chain motor cases

We've been using and casing CM motors for years. From this experience, we've designed the most functional and operator-friendly motor cases available. As part of the Fiasco truck pack system, these cases not only offer a faster and safer way to load and unload your CM motors, but also provide unparalleled protection for your gear.

Cadillac Construction
Stronger & Safer

Not only is the Cadillac the most robust case construction we offer, but our patented flip-over lid hinge offers unmatched accessibility to your motors, and removes the safety hazard of the lids unexpectedly closing. When closed, the lid allows you to stack hundreds of pounds on top of it.

Streamlined Rigging
Everything in one place

Two easily accessible pockets located beneath the motor offer ample space for all your rigging essentials slings, shackles, burlaps, and motor cables. This thoughtful design ensures you have everything you need in one neat and organized place, significantly streamlining your setup process. Enjoy faster, more efficient rigging with all necessary equipment at your fingertips.

Build To Last

All of our CM Motor Inserts are built by our team in Torrance, California, with the same premium materials used to make our trusted road cases. Each insert is engineered to provide unbeatable protection for your motors, whilst offering you the freedom to easily remove them from your case when required.

Here's what our customers have to say:


"Fiasco cases are the absolute best! Solid cases we drag around the world, and they don't skip a beat! The guys are super responsive and get stuff out promptly. They're always there to field our weird questions! Cheers guys"

Angus Muir
Angus Muir Design

“The outside of Fiasco Road Cases are very tetris-like and the way you can utilize the interiors is amazing. These guys came up with this concept and it’s brilliant.”

Steve Van Eynde

"Everything you want in a case company; good communication, good prices and most importantly, open minds that are always looking for improvement!"

Tom Lynch
Tom Tom Productions

"Best company out! SO reliable, friendly and happy to help whenever! Highly recommend this company!"

Laura Todd

"Solid cases that last! Will trade again A++. Keep it up guys! Loving the new stuff!"

Joshua Duckett
Above Productions