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Colorado Batten & Linear Light Cases
Batten & Strip Light Cases
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Batten & Linear Light Cases

When it comes to casing linear fixtures like battens, strip lights, and cyclorama lights, we take full advantage of the Fiasco insert system. Now, you no longer need to invest in custom lighting cases, only to have them become obsolete once the fixture reaches the end of its lifespan.

Each Batten Insert is custom-designed for your specific fixtures, offering unbeatable protection while allowing you the versatility to easily swap out inserts and keep using the same case for years to come.

For batten & linear style fixtures, we usually build a stackable tray insert that will fit in either our 24 x 60 Case or 48 x 30 Case, depending on the length of the fixtures.

All Batten & Linear Light Inserts are built by our team in Torrance, California, with the same high-quality materials used to make our trusted road cases. We can accommodate a wide range of fixtures, including COLORado Battens by Chauvet Professional, and Tetra2 linear bars by ROBE, to name a few.  If we don't have your specific fixture designed already, our team will design it for you. 

Sidings Black resin impregnated ⅜" Birch Ply
Wheel-board ⅝" Birch Ply with low lifting cut-outs
Extrusions 2mm proprietary 6061-T6 alloy
Hardware Penn Elcom zinc plated fittings
Wheels Penn Elcom 550LB 4" blue auto castors
Foam Lining Durable closed cell foam

We ship throughout the continental United States via various major freight services.

If your order is small like a Polyproof Case then we will typically send this via UPS Ground.

If your order is larger then it will come via LCL trucking network within 1-10 days. Shipping costs are additional to our website prices. We will confirm shipping costs on your final invoice.

Here's what our customers have to say:


“I used to work with Matt and Joe (Fiasco owners) on shows. It’s nice that Fiasco Cases have been designed by people who have been on the road, know what it’s like to lift a case, and be on-site with one. We’ve been able to plan our truckloads and get a very good idea of how much equipment will fit in a truck before the truck turns up to be loaded. Because the dimensions are consistent and compatible, there are no surprises when packing the truck. It just makes our truck loads a lot faster and you don’t have something sticking out that doesn’t fit in the truck. I love the build quality of the cases too. Knowing the guys, I know that “shortcut” is not in the Fiasco vocabulary; everything has to be done right.”

Marcus Rietveld
Streamliner Productions

“All our trucks are 90in or 96in in width, that’s the crucial number for road cases. With Fiasco Cases because everything’s a factor of that width, you can maximize the ability to get cases across the trucks. I reckon it halves the loading time.”

Declan Cudd
Production Transport Services

“We have had a few other brands over the years and even over the space of purchases made six months apart there were variants in sizing: an eighth to half an inch, which is a pain to this day. We got to a point where we realized that the consistent sizing of Fiasco Cases was helping us to pack a truck with Fiasco Cases twice as fast as it took us using non-standardized road cases. That efficiency has improved our load in and outs on jobs hugely. It has changed our thinking about how we spec jobs too. Even at the start when speccing for various venues, we have in our mind how many cases we’ll need and how many are going to go in the truck and the weights and adjust accordingly.”

Henry Norton
Sight and Sound Services