Cadillac Chain Motor Cases
Cadillac Chain Motor Cases
Cadillac Chain Motor Cases
Cadillac Chain Motor Cases
Cadillac Chain Motor Cases

Cadillac Chain Motor Cases

The gold standard in durability and functionality 

Fiasco's Cadillac Chain Motor Cases are a culmination of years of touring experience and innovative design breakthroughs.

Constructed from robust 3/4" birch plywood and featuring our patented 270-degree flip-over hinge, these cases handle the rigors of the road, while providing unparalleled ease of use.

The flip-over lid brings a new dimension to chain handling, allowing for easy chain feeding in and out of the case. When closed, this sturdy lid allows for hundreds of pounds to be stacked on top, maximizing your truck space and supporting efficient logistics.

Each Cadillac Chain Motor Case includes a 24 x 30 Low Cadillac Case and a custom insert, ensuring your truck pack is optimized and loading and unloading of your motors is quick and efficient.

Our unique insert system promises flexibility and longevity

Accommodating a wide range of motors, such as CMGISStagemaker, and Chain Master, as well as different sizes ranging from two-ton to quarter-ton, these cases offer robust protection, while granting the versatility to swap out inserts as needed. This means your case keeps serving you, even when it's time for a new motor.

Safety and efficiency remain at the forefront of our design philosophy

A designated slot secures the chain hook when the lid is closed, and ensures any loose chain is safely isolated. This keeps your motor safe even if the case is tipped during packing or stacking.

With Cadillac Cases, you're investing in more than just a road case - you're optimizing your on-the-road operations with the most robust, functional motor case on the market.

We also offer Standard Chain Motor Cases if that is better suited to your needs.



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