Flyrack - 6U
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Flyrack - 6U in protective case
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6U Fly Rack mount
6U Flayrack in Polyproof protective case
84L protective case for 6U flyrack

Flyrack - 6U

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INCLUDED: 6U Rack, 84L Polyproof Case, custom foam insert, bag of clip nuts & screws.

Flyrack?? It is a little bit cheeky to call a 6U rack fly-friendly.

Yes, you could fly the case and the rack. However, by the time you add 6U of equipment, you will most likely be over 50lb.

So what is this Flyrack 6U for?

It's great when you are on the road and not restricted by weight limits. Well suited to creators of live events who need a well-protected, easy-to-deploy 6U rack. 

These racks are our most durable, functional, and lightweight flyracks to date. 

Housed in our everything-proof 84L Polyproof Case, your rack gear is protected from water, dust, shock, and that rough guy out back if he ever gets his hands on it. Complete with a long handle and wheels, you are ready to roll from gig to gig. 

We make our internal flyrack from premium birch plywood. It's lightweight and engineered to be robust all on its own. The robust rack frame structure is reinforced by itself and does not rack when empty. 

Front and rear rack rails are adjustable even when the rack is fully loaded, allowing you to refine your perfect rack depth. Passive cooling is designed into the rack, and these slots also make cable management a breeze with the addition of velcro or zip ties. 

Unlike our 2U and 4U Flyracks, you cannot carry the laptop inside the 6U Flyrack. We do include the cradle for a laptop so that it can be used when deployed at a gig. The laptop cradle is designed to fit a 16-inch Macbook Pro which sits on top of the rack. The laptop cradle is removable to allow for easy top-down access to the rack unit for installation. 

Roll into a gig, easily lift out the flyrack with ergonomically positioned handles, close the lid of the 84L Polyproof, and sit the flyrack on top. 

Need more than one rack?

Easily stack one on top of another with the feet again aligning to position the stack. 

The flyrack is shock-isolated within the case when traveling. It will pin down safely with or without the laptop cradle in case.

Our uber-lightweight Fiasco Flyracks are ready to depart to any destination.

Designed for no-nonsense touring audio engineers and musicians. A welterweight champ, its light on its feet but built to take the big hits. Roll through every terminal with ease.

Price includes: Fiasco Flyrack 6U, 16in Macbook laptop cradle & Polyproof 84L. 

Pre-order now! Please allow 2-4 weeks for manufacturing before dispatch. We will dispatch earlier when possible. 


Flyrack Construction Chemical resistant resin impregnated 3/8" birch ply
Foam Custom machined durable EVA
External Case 84L Polyproof
Shipping Volume 4.24cu.ft
6U + Case Total Weight 33.7lb
External Case Dims (LxWxH) 26.3 x 19.7 x 14"
External Rack Dims (LxWxH) 19.9 x 350 x 11.6"
Internal Rack Dims (LxWxH) 19.2 x 13.8 x 10.8"
Mounting Fixtures M6 screws, washers & cagenut's incl.
Rack Depth Adjustable by 2.4" 7.4 x 9.9"
Air Valve Auto pressure equalisation valve
Wheels & Roller Handle Retractable handle and durable urethane wheels
Watertight Silicone lid seal


Product Certifications:  

  • Waterproof to IP67-IEC60529 (IP67)
  • Impact resistance to ATA300
  • Immersion to MIL-STD-810
  • Low temperature to IEC60068-2-1 (-40℉)
  • High temperature to IEC60068-2-2 (194℉)

We ship throughout the continental United States via various major freight services.

If your order is small like a Polyproof Case then we will typically send this via UPS Ground.

If your order is larger then it will come via LCL trucking network within 1-10 days. Shipping costs are additional to our website prices. We will confirm shipping costs on your final invoice.

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